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Streamline Time and Attendance Management with Kronos Partner.

Effortlessly oversee employee time and attendance, ensuring adherence to pay regulations and seamless compliance, all through the specialised proficiency in Kronos by Gbit.

What We Do.

We are here to help you with successful Kronos implementation and upgradation.


Tailored Solutions

With meticulous attention to detail, we craft bespoke solutions tailored to seamlessly integrate Kronos into your organisation’s unique infrastructure, ensuring a harmonious alignment with your specific needs and requirements.


Expert Guidance

Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our seasoned professionals who provide invaluable guidance throughout the Kronos implementation journey. Rest assured, our team’s proficiency guarantees a smooth transition and the successful deployment of Kronos within your organisation.


Continuous Support

Our unwavering commitment extends beyond the initial setup phase. From inception to ongoing operation, our dedicated support team stands by your side, offering continuous assistance and guidance, ensuring the sustained success of your Kronos implementation and any subsequent upgrades.


Maximising Benefits

Our primary objective is to unlock the full potential of Kronos for your organisation. By meticulously optimising its functionality, we ensure that you extract maximum value, empowering your workforce to achieve heightened efficiency and productivity levels.

As business expand, the demand for efficient solutions to simplify laborious tasks like monitoring employee time and attendance, tracking labour, and collecting data becomes increasingly crucial. Enter Kronos, offering specialised time and attendance solutions to alleviate your management challenges. Through our advanced automated platform, streamline your workforce operations by effectively tracking, managing, and governing employee time and attendance.

Power up with Kronos Infra alongside us.

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Enhanced Performance

Leverage Kronos Infra to boost the performance of your systems and applications, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.


Scalable Solutions

With Kronos Infra, scale your infrastructure seamlessly to accommodate growing demands and evolving business needs.


Reliable Support

Access dependable support and guidance from our tram as you power up with Kronos Infra, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.


Future-Proof Technology

Invest in future-proof technology with Kronos Infra, equipped to adapt and evolve alongside your organisation’s changing requirements.

Our Proficiency in Kronos Solutions.

Discover our Mastery in Kronos Solutions for an in-depth understanding of Human Capital Management.

Kronos Workforce Central Suite

Kronos InTouch Timekeeping Device

Kronos Workforce Integration Manager

Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Accruals

Our Offerings.

Operational Flow Framework

Effortless precision time recording

Empowerment portal: employee and manager self-service

Automated web-based timekeeping capture

System Setup and Customisation

Timekeeping system setup

Pay and leave policy management

Access control and security settings

Organisational structure and staffing levels configuration

Custom reporting tools and data analysis features

Integration Development

Seamless integration with core HR systems

Streamlined integration with payroll providers

Data pipeline integration for reporting and analytics applications


A Case Study on Kronos: WFC 8.1 to UKG WFD Migration.

The project involves migration from Workforce Central (WFC) 8.1 to UKG Workforce Dimensions (WFD), focusing on various modules including timekeeping, accruals, advanced scheduler, and forecasting. Additionally, aspects such as leaves, attendance, attestation, or activities are considered.

Kronos_Case Study

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