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Accelerate digital transformation in Applications and Platforms: enhance application agility in the digital era.

Navigating intricate application landscapes that combine legacy systems, digital interfaces, and SaaS solutions often strain IT resources for many businesses. This hinders their ability to fully leverage Gbit’s application services. We aim to support you in swiftly and flexibly reimagining you application landscape, ensuring continuous innovation to generate tangible commercial value.


Harnessing the synergy of platform innovation and application modernisation, our Digital Applications and Platforms drive digital centric corporate transformation. With over 15 years of profound expertise, we specialise in constructing and delivering API-first, modular, open, light weight, highly accessible, and business-ready platforms across diverse industries and domains within the Digital Applications and Platforms unit.

Digital Applications & Platforms Services.

Revitalise application landscapes and user experiences. Thrive in the digital economy, Our expertise aids enterprises in achieving optimal application portfolios through the implementation of proven deployment techniques.

Application Dev and Maintenance

Enhance organisational flexibility by upgrading and relocating legacy systems to boost business responsiveness. Leveraging cutting-edge technology that harnesses advancements in mobile, cloud, online, social, and analytics, revolutionises your IT foundation and applications.

Application Modernisation

Revamp outdated systems to assist organisations in reclaiming lost value through enhanced flexibility, cost reduction, risk mitigation, and minimised disruptions. Employing our application re-engineering methodologies, we reconstruct functional modules and support processes with a focus on creativity, flexibility, delivering quality outputs, and cost control.

Application Re-engineering

Enhance the value of your services through innovative product development and transformation strategies that ignite creativity and solidify your brand. Our support empowers businesses to employ agile development approaches, ensuring the swift delivery of products while continuously testing and iterating based on feedback from stakeholders.

Product Development

Unify user touch points within a robust single solution, empowering your business to boost employee productivity, enhance revenue, foster customer retention, and optimise operational efficiency,

Digital Experience Platform

Intelligent Platforms

For extensive, platform-driven transformations, we leverage the capabilities of industry-leading platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, and more, combining them with our expertise, creativity, and deep industry knowledge.



Unleash the potential of your SAP application portfolio with the prowess of intelligence. The data orchestration layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform transforms fragmented data landscapes into vital insights, fostering innovation and facilitating business expansion.



Leveraging our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, we help you optimise the business value derived from your Salesforce portfolio, integrate you people, processes, and systems to automate challenging tasks, elevate customer service, and uphold the highest standards of security, trust, and governance.



Foster innovation, unify disparate silos for seamless experiences, and empower individuals with streamlined processes to generate new value. Transform with as singular, integrated platform for digital business.



Back your extensive innovation initiatives across the entire lifespan of Oracle solutions through our collaborative partnership with Oracle.


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the strategic adoption of Digital Applications and Platforms has become pivotal for businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency, customer experiences, and overall competitiveness. This case study examines the transformative journey of Gbit’s Client, a global enterprise, as they embraced Digital Applications and Platforms to revolutionise their business operations.

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