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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, adopting a cloud-first strategy is imperative for gaining a competitive edge, staying relevant, and surpassing customer expectations. Prepare to optimise your cloud experience with Gbit’s, unlocking your cloud capabilities, securing a competitive advantage, and ensuring ongoing business relevance.


We stand by you throughout your cloud enablement journey as your strategic partner. Our methodology, industry expertise, and client-centric approach deliver comprehensive cloud services and unique solutions that drive immediate success, tangible business outcomes, and satisfied clients.


Through our Cloud-First initiative, we offer a diverse range of cloud services to help you maximise your investment. Our solutions prioritise workforce and cultural transformation for long-term success, recognising that cloud computing extends beyond technology alone.

Cloud Enablement Services.

Empowers businesses to evaluate their existing environment and navigate the most secure path to cloud adoption, facilitating the attainment of their goals while minimising expenditures on capital expenses (CAPEX) and totals cost of ownership (TCO).

Cloud Strategy and Evaluation

Facilitates the execution of businesses’ cloud migration strategies by scrutinising their application portfolio and seamlessly transferring it to their chosen cloud solutions. Employing a low-risk approach, it effectively addresses migration challenges, accelerating the overall cloud adoption process.

Cloud Migration

Accelerates time to market through open, secure, hybrid multi-cloud platforms, employing a cloud-native construction approach and adopting agile cloud practices. By integrating core elements like system and network design, cloud security, resilience, availability, scalability, single sign-on (SSO), and application migration, Gbit guarantees scalable cloud adoption.


Delivers secure migration and operational services, conducts end-to-end cloud security assessments, and manages security for applications, data, and APIs. Leveraging Gbit’s expertise, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with cloud migration.

Cloud Security

Delivers comprehensive managed cloud services ensuring optimal performance and secure operations at a reduced cost, promoting swifter, more intelligent, and highly adaptable operations. Entrust the intricacies of workload management to Gbit’s Cloud Managed Services (CMS).

Cloud Managed Services


Leading Retail Evolution:
A Case Study of Cloud Enablement Success.

As the retail landscape evolves, enterprises face the pressing need to modernise their infrastructure for agility and scalability. This case study explores how Client, a leading retail player, partnered with Gbit to embark on a digital transformation journey through Cloud Enablement Services.

Retail innovation

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