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In the healthcare sector, challenges like fragmented supply chains. narrow profit margins, increasing R&D costs, and compliance demands are unprecedented. The solution lies in leveraging digital technology to automate operations, enable data-driven decisions, and expedite innovation, all while ensuring minimal risks, inefficiencies, and expenditures.


In this ever-evolving landscape, Gbit emerges as a leader in delivering advanced healthcare software solutions, empowering all stakeholders in the health and care network. By harnessing modern technologies including mobility, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and wearables, we assist organisations in seamlessly transitioning from traditional service models to a remote, interconnected system. Our objective is to facilitate personalised and efficient care in the swiftly changing healthcare environment.


Our Expertise.

Creating revolutionary wellness solutions, pushing the limits to develop innovative approaches that redefine the benchmarks of well-being.

Hospital Information System

Surmount efficiency challenges and expedite service delivery with Gbit’s highly integrated, scalable, and multilingual HISs. Our HIS solutions automate tasks across clinical, electronic medical records (EMR), inventory, and administrative sectors to ensure the integrity of PII and PHI data across various compliance domains. Additionally, they adhere to HIPAA compliance standards.

Telemedicine Software Development

Optimise clinical resource allocation, ensure secure data transmission, and facilitate real-time patient engagement with Gbit’s tailored telemedicine/tele-health software development solutions. Our expertise lies in crafting telemedicine apps for both web and mobile platforms, enabling efficient doctor-patient interactions and providing on-the-go access to consultations for patients.

Patient Portal Development

Facilitate rapid access to patient information, aiding medical professionals in delivering optimal treatment through Gbit’s patient portal solutions. These solutions extend the capabilities of health information exchange (HIE) and electronic health records (EHR). To enhance patient-physician communication and improve customer experience (CX), we integrate our solutions with various clinical decision support (CDS) systems.

Health Solutions

Empower patients to track the effectiveness of their diagnostic procedures and support medical professionals in real-time recording of medical data for efficient care with Gbit’s health solutions. Our experts design market-ready products that analyse medical issues more swiftly by mapping historical data and notify patients of alarm signals.

Healthcare Integration Services

Enhance the consistency and efficiency of your business operations by rapidly consolidating your devices, processes, and data into a unified platform through Gbit’s specialised hospital management software solutions. Our HMS solutions enhance supply chain visibility and communication, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and aiding process owners in the tracking, management, and reporting of information.

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