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Deploying enterprise application portfolios across numerous clouds and on-premises creates challenges in managing applications within a hybrid cloud environment. Past application management techniques have proven costly and inefficient. Therefore, it is crucial to reassess your plan and leverage modern tools to infuse innovation, efficiency, and resilience into your enterprise application strategy.


Gbit empowers organisational transformation through technology, aiming to enhance ROI. Leveraging our proficient delivery capabilities and extensive knowledge of enterprise applications, we guide firms in their transformative endeavours. Our team of technology solution experts, equipped with comprehensive industry insights and contextual client expertise, plays a pivotal role in steering application-enabled transformations for businesses. We support organisations in the redesign of their applications, fostering agility, and elevating user experiences within a secure environment.

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Optimise your company application infrastructure while streamlining your enterprise application portfolio. We help firms become resilient enterprises by expediting their transition to wiser decision-making, clever operational procedures, and adaptable business models.


Leverage the power of intelligence everywhere to maximise the value of your SAP application portfolio. The SAP Business Technology Platform’s data orchestration layer transforms scattered data sprawls into crucial data insights to enable innovation and business expansion.


For a successful Salesforce CRM deployment, reliability, efficiency, and up-to-date features are vital. As businesses expand, managing and supporting Salesforce becomes more demanding. Gbit’s Salesforce Managed Services offer relief, allowing you IT team to focus on revenue-generating projects.


Leverage Oracle-based solutions to scale innovation and accelerate the digital transition. Support your extensive innovation initiatives across the entire lifespan of Oracle solutions, benefiting from our collaborative partnership with Oracle.


Navigating success in the contemporary enterprise landscape is a complex challenge. Introducing ServiceNow, the cloud-based powerhouse that is transforming service operations by seamlessly integrating strategy, design, and more. At Gbit’s, we serve as your reliable ServiceNow partner, bridging the gap between your aspirations and reality.

Utilising our comprehensive framework encompassing design thinking, agile, and DevOps methodologies, you can seamlessly conceive, create, measure, iterate, and scale solutions. By collaborating with your team and a diverse group of Gbit’s business, design and technology specialists, you can expedite the time to value and implement groundbreaking innovations.


Accelerating Manufacturing Excellence: A Case Study of Enterprise Application Solutions.

As the manufacturing industry evolves, enterprises are compelled to revamp their application landscapes to enhance efficiency and agility. This case study sheds light on Client’s endeavour to modernise their enterprise applications through strategic collaboration with Gbit, yielding remarkable results in operational optimisation and innovation readiness.

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