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Transforming Editorial Content Production with Open AI’s Large Language Models.

A leading print media company, sought to revolutionise its editorial content production to stay ahead in the competitive media landscape. Faced with the challenges of manual content creation and tight publication schedules, they decided to explore the capabilities of Open AI’s Large Language Models.

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Navigating Content Creation Challenges: Speed, Diversity, Trends and Adaptation.

Content Generation Speed

The manual creation of articles and editorial content was time-consuming, impacting the speed of publication.

Diverse Content Needs

Meeting the diverse content requirements of different sections (E.g. news, features, opinions) with limited resources posed a significant challenge.

Adapting to Trends

Staying a breast of rapidly evolving trends and breaking news while maintaining editorial quality was a complex task.


Customer decided to integrate Open AI’s Large Language Models into its editorial workflow.


Customised Training

Open AI’s LLM was fine-tuned to understand the specific style, tone and preferences of client editorial guidelines.

Automated Draft Generation

The LLM was incorporated into an automated content drafting system, generating preliminary drafts for articles based on given topics or briefs.

Human-AI Collaboration

Content generated by the LLM underwent a collaborative editing process with human editors, ensuring quality, accuracy and alignment with the publication’s standards.


Accelerated Content Production

Open AI’s LLM significantly accelerated the content creation process, allowing customers to meet tight publication deadlines more efficiently.

Diverse Content Portfolio

The integration of LLM enabled customers to diversify its content portfolio, covering a wide array of topics and editorial sections.

Responsive to Trends

The LLM’s ability to process and analyse vast amounts of data in real-time helped customers stay responsive to breaking news and evolving trends.



By leveraging Gbit Open AI’s Large Language Models, clients achieved a transformative shift in its editorial content production, enhancing speed, diversity and responsiveness to trends.

This case study illustrates how the integration of advanced AI technologies can empower print media companies to elevate their editorial capabilities and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving media landscape.

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