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A Magento Case Study: Unifying Brands under a Single Platform.

Gbit client aimed to revolutionize its business model by consolidating multiple brands under one roof. The goal was to create a single platform website that seamlessly integrated various brands, offering a unified shopping experience to customers. This ambitious project required meticulous planning, robust technical implementation, and strategic migration processes.


Project Landscape & Scope

Comprehensive Project Overview: Analysis, Integration and Implementation.

Single Platform Website

The primary objective was to develop a centralised website where customers could access all brands within the Swimmingpoolhub ecosystem.

Klevu Search Integration

Implementing Klevu Search ensured efficient and intuitive search functionality, enhancing the overall user experience.

Zone Management in Klevu

Customised zones were added in Klevu to streamline search results and optimise regional targeting.

Phase-wise Customer Migration

A structured migration approach was devised to seamlessly transition customers from disparate platforms to the unified website.

Customer Login Integration

Customer login functionality was tailored to grant access based on eligible branch and ship-to data, ensuring personalised interactions.

Custom Reports

Tailored reporting capabilities were implemented to provide insights into sales, inventory, and customer behaviour.

Unit of Measure (UOM) Implementation

Flexible unit of measure options were incorporated, allowing products to be sold individually or as part of bundles.

API Development

APIs were modified and exposed based on mobile app development requirements, ensuring seamless integration and functionality alignment.

REST API Implementation

REST APIs were developed to facilitate integration with other projects, with a focus on scalability and interoperability.

Key Challenges

Critical Integration Challenges faced by Gbit.

Coordinating the integration of multiple brands and disparate systems into a unified platform.

Ensuring seamless data migration while minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations.

Customising user access and permissions based on complex eligibility criteria.

Implementing robust search functionality to accommodate diverse product offerings.

Developing flexible reporting capabilities to accommodate varying business needs.

Solution Highlights

Overview of Strategic Solutions deployed by Gbit.

Leveraged Magento's robust architecture to create a scalable and flexible platform capable of accommodating future growth.

Utilised Klevu's advanced search capabilities to deliver accurate and relevant search results.

Implemented phased migration strategies to minimise downtime and ensure a smooth transition for customers.

Implemented phased migration strategies to minimise downtime and ensure a smooth transition for customers.

Developed REST APIs to facilitate seamless integration with external systems and future-proof the platform.



Transformation Impact: Achieving Unified Platform Success. successfully transitioned from a fragmented multi-brand setup to a unified platform, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

The centralised website streamlined the shopping experience for customers, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Advanced search functionality and personalised user experiences contributed to improved conversion rates and retention.

Custom reporting capabilities provided valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

The implementation of REST APIs ensured compatibility with external systems, laying the foundation for future integrations and expansions.

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